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Expertly Taking Care of Drains in Central Birmingham

Blocked and damaged drains can have a devastating effect on your property. Make sure they are repaired quickly and efficiently by calling the experts at Draintech Services (Midlands) Ltd. Working with customers in Central Birmingham, our drain contractors strive to respond to you within two hours and schedule the drain repairs at the next available opportunity. Over the years, we have developed an outstanding reputation and believe ourselves to be the Midlands’ number one drainage contractor.

Assisting You in Emergencies

Drain problems can strike at any time, but you can rest assured that our experts will be on hand to help. We operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, meaning we are always available when you are facing an emergency. There is almost no form of damage that our drain specialists aren’t able to repair, which is why so many clients rely on us, including local authorities and housing associations.

Introducing the VERTIVAC™ Gutter System

Allowing us to thoroughly clean gutters, the ladder-less VERTIVAC gutter system is the world’s most advanced piece of industrial and professional cleaning equipment. It offers many advantages, including:

  • No Mess – It Sucks Gutters Clean Using a Powerful Wet and Dry Vacuum System
  • No Need for Expensive Scaffolding, Ladders, or Access Equipment 
  • Reduces All Risks and Promotes Positive Health and Safety Practices 
  • Ideal for Domestic, Commercial, and Industrial Properties

Using CCTV to Complete Underground Surveys

To produce a full structural condition report of your drains that is compliant with WRC standards and requirements, we use CCTV and sonar tracing. Our qualified personnel conduct these surveys in line with water industry standards and the code of practice, so you know the end result is accurate. Adhering to these standards is important, and you should always ask to see your contractor’s qualifications when dealing with structural investigations and repairs. Following the survey, the results will be uploaded to the Draintech cloud for your perusal the same or next day.

Full Topographical Surveys

Used to map the contours of the ground as well as existing features on the surface of the earth, topographical surveys are an area of speciality for us. By covering multiple levels, each survey creates an accurate, scale drawing that includes pipe size, flow direction, the nature of the drain, and any potential legal issues regarding ownership.

Electronic drawings are also produced in both DWD and PDF format and are utilised in conjunction with full structural condition reports of the drains and sewers plotted on the survey. When considering a new build scheme, these drawings are crucial, and knowing where drains run can also be used to satisfy insurance companies when drain maps are necessary in the event of an emergency incident.

Repairs, Installation, and Excavation

Thanks to their extensive experience, our skilled team are equipped to resolve all types of drain repairs, including excavation to in-situ pipe relining. We are also able to deliver structural solutions to rectify previous mistakes. Each member of our excavation and repair team is fully qualified and always carries their CSCS and CPCS cards, so you can verify them if you require. Draintech Services (Midlands) Ltd works closely with local authority building inspectors, and any drain we install is done so in compliance with document H building regulations. We have a strong work ethic and use our extensive skills to address all repair, installation, and excavation requirements.

Completing Convenient Patch Repairs

An in-situ relining and patch repair of cured-in-place pipes (CIPPs) is a no dig, or trenchless, technology. It involves, in simple terms, a thin liner, which is impregnated with a chemical, being inserted into a drain that is then blasted with air or water for a period of time to establish a cure. The end results should show a solid, seamless pipe within a pipe. Minimal cross-sectional loss (approximately 3mm in a 100mm pipe) should occur, creating a fully structural, isolated repair. This is often used to avoid difficult excavations and costly reinstatement.

Controlling Pollution and Preventing Floods

If you fail to comply with environmental legislation and regulations, you could be faced with a costly fine. The capable team at Draintech Services (Midlands) Ltd will conduct a survey at your premises and provide expert advice on flood prevention, pollution control, and interceptor/grease trap maintenance. We specialise in holding contracts within the industry, and will help you meet your ISO and insurance requirements, protecting you from prosecution.

A Team of Specialists

From blockages and floods to underground CCTV surveys, our proficient team tackle problems head on, working safely and achieving effective solutions. Each of our tradesman has the relevant qualifications and insurance to complete every job to our high standard, and since being established in 1991, we have built an enviable reputation. We claim to be the Midlands’ number one drainage contractor, and we stand by it.

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